The Paid2Stream Video System is a media player which allows your to share your videos with your Paid Users. It has everything you need from, comments, likes, playlists, easy upload, and so much more. Check out the Features below.


  • Easily add, edit, delete, publish & unpublish all videos.
  • Control which users can see what videos based on their account type.
  • Users can Comment on videos.
  • Users can Rate videos.
  • Embed videos anywhere on your platform.
  • Ability to sort categories & videos as Latest, Popular, Featured, Most Rated, Date Added, Custom Ordering.
  • Allow users to Comment & Rate videos.
  • Allow users to share certain videos on social media.
  • Embed you videos from YouTube or other sites.
  • Add Subtitles to your video.s
  • Control playback through keyboard shortcuts(ex space bar to play).
  • Images are automatically optimized for better site performance.

Supported Formats

  • Play YouTube URLs
  • RTMP Streaming and ability to add HLS stream as the mobile fallback


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