The Membership System allows you to easily set up subscription plans for your users based on monthly or annual paid users. Each plan can be used to offer or limit your Paid2Stream System Features(Events, Photos, Videos, Blog, Shop, etc.) to your different types of user groups.


  • Supports both free and paid subscription plans.
  • Restrict access to anything on your platform.
  • Give access to restricted resources(events, photos, videos, courses, music, chat, menus, modules, articles, article items, urls, documents...) to paid subscribes only.
  • Subscription Expiration: After a specified period of time (Days/Weeks/Months/Year) or on a fixed date (example 31-12-2019) - not depends on the sign up date.
  • One time subscription (manual renewal) or recurring subscription (automatic renewal). For recurring subscription plan, you can also set up trial price and trial duration.
  • Trial unique memberships: Once a subscriber used up the trial they must subscribe to the plan.
  • Email confirmations are sent automagically
  • Renew Options to allow subscribers to renew their subscriptions.
  • Upgrade Options to allow subscribers to upgrade/downgrade his subscription to a higher/lower level subscription plan (for example, from Basic to Pro membership).
  • Organize your subscription plans cross infinite categories and subcategories.
  • Assign subscribers to certain Paid2Stream! user groups.
  • See subscriptions history, download invoices for payments.
  • Allow users to manually renew their subscriptions
  • Users can view and update profile information.
  • Discount Type: Fixed Amount or Percent.
  • Coupon can be assigned to all or selected subscription plans.
  • Limit total number of times a coupon can be used.
  • Limit number of times a coupon can be used by one subscriber.
  • Specify duration (from date - to date) a coupon can be used.
  • You can setup different rate rate for each country/state.
  • Allow subscribers to cancel recurring subscription directly one your site with PayPal Pro, (AIM), Stripe and Mollie.
  • Works with the most popular payment gateways such as PayPal, (AIM), Eway, Worldpay and Offline Payment plugins.
  • Option to affiliate tracking for the Membership System.
  • Generating and allow subscribers to download member cards for each subscribed subscription plans from user profile.
  • And much more!

Easy Subscriptions Management

  • List, Filter, or Search for subscriptions.
  • Add, Modify, Delete, or View subscription.
  • Approve/Publish offline payment subscriptions.
  • Manually Renew or refund a subscription.
  • Cancel a recurring subscription.
  • Export/Import subscriptions into/from CSV/Excel file.
  • Mass Mail selected subscribers.

Powerful Emails Notification

  • Notification Emails sent to administrator when someone register/ sign up for a subscription plan.
  • Confirmation Emails sent to subscribers when they subscribe for a plan or their registration is approved by administrator.
  • Notification Emails sent to administrator when a subscriber update his profile in the frontend.
  • Pre and Post reminder emails sent to subscribers before/after their subscription is expired so that they can be aware of the expiration and renew their subscription.
  • All email messages are configurable, you can edit these messages using your favourite Paid2Stream! WYSIWYG editor.
  • Emails sent from the Paid2Stream can be logged and viewable via Tools -> Emails Logs.


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