Work process

As easy as 1, 2, 3


You will submit the proper information for the project such as website name / logo / description / colors ect


We will configure your server / platform / payment gateway / design / security / apps ect


We will launch your project together on a professional marketing strategy with us by your side.

Package Options

Choose your Package.

Basic Package

One Time Payment




Our service to you.


Once the payment is confirmed you will be assigned a dedicated representative to which you will be in direct contact with via phone / sms /email / whatsapp / or social network messages of your preference. In addition we offer the option to create a user account for you on this demo site and track the progress of your project via the ticket support system.

Once all the information for your project is prepared for our technicians we will proceed to the second phase of the process and begin building the code on your server. If you do not already have a server, we will assist you in finding the best hosting service that fits your project requirements. Your hosting can be as low as 5$ a month for a very large amount of concurrent users ( Check benchmarks and technical details ). We have built this platform to have the maximum possible  performance with todays available technology however if you plan on running this platform for millions of people concurrently you will need to have multiple servers connected and load balancing together while maintained by a dedicated technician which is not a service we currently provide. Our technology configuration provides easy mechanism for load balancing as well as REDIS in memory query/file caching to connect the multiple instances so scalability is pre-built and ready for you to go big at the lowest known cost today ( if you have millions of users, money is not an issue and we might be willing to come work for you ).

After everything is properly configured and secured we will proceed to the final phase and provide you the basic training such as adding content through the admin section, to the more advanced training such as the platforms modular structure for extending the functionality which also includes a complete overview of all the technology stack details. We will help you discover the best marketing strategy for your work sector for example, what prices for what services should you offer to your demographics and we will be available by your side durring the project launch.


We will provide a live training session and record it for you, or your technical assistant / webmaster / future developers. This will include the simple aspects of the platform such as adding content to more complex training such as extending the functionality of the platform. We will also provide long term consultation / bug reporting / repository access for as long as we operate this project as additional perks for working with us. If you have a personal assistant or a webmaster, we will train him / her and level them up for you to where they understand how to make any changes you might like. We will also include training for live stream operation. We run a television broadcast as a full time job and will share the most valuable information and training you can receive through our personal experiences.


Most features as well as the core platform get direct updates with the click of a button. However we recommend the following:

-Make a backup of the platform
-Run the backup locally
-Upgrade the local version first to ensure nothing breaks


Our service to you is relative to the Paid2Stream platform which is a compilation of open source code tightly integrated together to grant you technology independence. ( The code, is yours ) Due to this, once you have access to your platform our service to you cannot be reversed. The payment made to Paid2Stream is for our service and not as a purchasable product which includes:

-Full platform configuration ( Package 1 )
-Full platform/app configuration ( Package 2 )
-Full platform/app/design configuration ( Package 3 )

If we fail to provide our service then you will undoubtedly be able to refund the payment from paypal as "Failure to perform" where you can link them to this page which describes our service and refund policy. The purpose of this demo site is to provide an interactive try before you buy and any additional features not included in the demo will be considered custom work as a seperate service.