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It’s as easy as 1,2,3!


After your payment you will submit a form requesting your server info, platform name, logo, description and preferred colors, etc. You will be automatically assigned a technical representative who will work with you directly to insure your platform is made to your expectation.


Your technician will configure your Server, Website Platform, Payment Processor, Design, Security, test and debug your platform, help you establish a marketing strategy, configure your Apps(package 2 an 3) and help you prepare for launch.


Once your platform is ready, our technician will provide you a training course so you may easily add new content and customize our platform for your audience. We are with you every step of the way and are here for long term support if you’d like to continue working with us.

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Our Service

When paying for our service you are guaranteed all of Paid2streams demoed system features. An account will be created for you automatically during our payment process. Once your payment is complete you will receive an email with all the important information we need from you to build your Paid2stream platform on your server. You will be immediately assigned a dedicated support technician who you will be indirect contact with while they configure your platform. You may contact your technician to express any of your ideas, to request simple design modifications(change color, positions,etc), and to request project status updates. If you need help getting a platform Domain Name or would like some suggestions for your server we will direct you to the proper service providers, and suggest which options will be best for you. Hosting can be as low as $5 a month with the base features to run your platform and can be scaled up easily as needed. Benchmarks and technical details

Phase two of your project will begin after we receive your server and domain name information, and you have confirmed your ideas and needs with your support technician. During phase two your technician will configure your server, install your Paid2stream platform and implement your design modifications. Package 3 delivery may take 5 to 7 business days to complete.

After everything is properly configured and secured to your liking, we will proceed with the final phase of the project. During this phase your platform will be up for you to start testing and begin marketing. We will provide you basic training to add content to your platform through your admin section, and more advanced training for you or your developer to modify the modular structure or extend any functionality of your platform. If you do not have a developer we provide basic monthly services, at a low cost, to help you maintain your platform at peak performance.


Training is included as part of our packages. Training includes a live training session which will be recorded for you, or your technical assistant / webmaster / future developers. This will include the simple aspects of the platform such as adding content and live stream operation, to more complex training such as extending the functionality of your platform. We also provide long term consultation, bug reporting, and repository access as an additional perk for working with us.


Your platform will receive automatic updates which you can choose to install. Most system features as well as the core platform get direct updates with the click of a button. We recommend running a full backup before proceeding to install any updates.


Paid2stream does not accept refunds. The Paid2Stream platform is a compilation of open source code tightly integrated together to grant you technological independence. You are paying for the service of configuring your server, installing the platform (website/ apps), making modifications(color and position changes), debugging, and for the years it has taken us to build one platform with everything you need to run your business independently. Any income made through your platform is yours and is not subject to fee’s. Once you have access to your platform on your server our service cannot be reversed. This is why paid2stream is non refundable. If we fail to provide our service then you will receive a full refund of the payment through Paypal for "Failure to perform". The purpose of this demo site is to show you all the features your platform includes. We guarantee all the features will work properly on your server and will not need any modifications to run as our demo does. For any questions contact us at info@paid2stream.com