The Paid2Stream Comment System allows your website and app visitors to leave comments anywhere on the site you choose. It provides the flexible system for you to easily maintain and manage your users comments.


  • Notifies the Administrator about new comments.
  • Notifies Users about new comments.
  • Choose what order to display your comments(ex. newest first)
  • Supports smileys emojis which can be easily customized
  • Turn the Comment System On or Off of your Paid2Stream System features(Events, Courses, Videos, Photos, Etc)
  • Limit the comments to specific User Groups.
  • Allow specific User Groups(ex administrator) to easily manage or edit comments
  • Spambot and flood protection.
  • AJAX technology allows Users to add, delete and edit comments without reloading the page
  • Manage the simple filter of unquotable words to keep your comment section clean.
  • Multilingual support (Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Bulgarian, English, German, Latish, Italian, Turkish).
  • Users can also search the comments.
  • Automatically removes repeated line breaks.
  • Ban certain users from commenting
  • Set the maximum allowed comments length.(ex 250 character limit)
  • Automatically Checks the presence of duplicate comments.
  • Built-in protection from spambots.
  • Automatically remove nested quoting in comment.
  • Automatically delete prohibited or unsupported BBCode tags in comments.
  • Switch off spam protection for registered users and leave it on for unregistered users.


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