Easily share, stream, and sell, your music, podcasts, and audio files from your website and apps for all your viewers or only your Exclusive Paid Member. Easily create albums, upload Audio Artwork, and allow your users to rate your music.

  • Add albums, artists and songs.
  • Add all sorts of details into your albums or audio items.
  • Let your users rate and write comments on your albums
  • Add mp3 files to your songs and let registered users stream them online or download.
  • Play songs in all browsers or all devices, including Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry...
  • Add lyrics, chords and other details to your songs.
  • Make associative relations between artists.
  • Define your audio genre tree, associating multiple "parent genres" and "children genres" to every genre.
  • Add your own tags to every item.
  • Add special keywords to your albums or artists which can be searched.
  • Group different types of albums in Box Sets and decide to display them separately or in group.
  • Easily manage compilations of various artists.
  • Export your lists of albums to PDF.
  • Integrate album information into your blog articles.
  • Search artist, albums and songs through your collection.
  • Paid2Streams' Audio System plays MP3, AAC, MP4, FLV...
  • Let your users create their own playlists on-the-go and store, comment them.
  • Choose the size of each thumbnail, gives you even more template customization.
  • ... and more!


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